What Is Drug Detox?

Drug detox is what you go through once you have decided you are ready to be free from drugs and alcohol. There are many different stages and levels of drug detox. Everyone is different and will therefore react differently to drug detox. There are several different ways you can go about drug detox. One of them is via medical detox. This is the type of detox where you will be medically supervised.

If any withdrawal symptoms should arise, they will be handled with medical treatment. Medical detox is considered to be safer and more comfortable then other forms of detox. It is important to note that just because you successfully complete medical detox does not mean all toxins have been eliminated from your body. It just means there are no more serious medical issues associated with not taking the drug.

Another option you have for drub detox is home detox. When you undergo home detox you are basically stopping cold turkey. Though this works for some people, many people fail at this option. It is very hard to quit something cold turkey. And actually, stopping any drug so suddenly can actually be dangerous. Some people experience fatal seizures and heart failure due to stopping cold turkey.

The withdrawal symptoms from stopping cold turkey are very severe. Because of this many people will quickly return back to using the drugs and alcohol just to avoid these symptoms. That’s why many consider medical detox to be a safer option.

And the last type of drug detox we will discuss is rapid detox. This is a very risky process and not one that I recommend. With rapid drug detox you are put under general anesthesia. While you are in this sedated state drugs will be pumped into your body that will force you to withdraw from opiates. This can cause extreme shock to your system. Some patients wake up feeling physically ill. Generally they will be on complete bed rest for several days to recover.

And some times, the residual symptoms will last for several weeks. There are just way too many risks involved with rapid detox. Yes it is a quick process, but is it really worth it when you consider all you have to go through. Not all people will be able to undergo rapid detox. Certain health conditions and age can be a factor. You should also know that many have lost their lives as a result of rapid detox.

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