Turning Your Life Over to God

This step takes a lot of effort for some people that don’t believe in a supreme being, but it doesn’t need to. All this step says is that one has turned over their life to the bigger power mentioned in step 2. For those that don’t remember the first two realizing that one is powerless over the addiction and coming to believe that there a bigger power that can restore sanity.

God as one understands could be a Group of Drunks, G.O.D. If one believes in God then of course God can be used in this 3rd step.  This step is important because it takes into account the spiritual aspects of life and addiction. Many people that have struggled with addiction talk about being “spiritually fit” and how this helps in their battle against an addiction. Even for a non-religious person spirituality is present at an addiction support group meeting.

This third step is an important building block on the first two steps and these first 3 steps really set one’s ability to have success in overcoming an addiction. These steps are also used by family members at Al-Anon meetings and if you are related to someone going through an addiction it is important that you also work these steps. Without this 3rd step the 4th step of making a searching and fearless moral inventory of self is not possible and the other steps will fall.

Although this week we are not discussing the 4th step it is important to note the need to have some sort of higher power present in one’s life in order to complete the 12 step program. If you are struggling with that concept go to a meeting and ask others what they have done in similar situations, you are not the only person who is struggling with addiction or this particular step.

Each step takes some time and patience to go through, it is not easy and doesn’t happen over night. With proper support and proper care one is able to overcome these troubling addiction related problems and fully complete the 12-step process.

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