Suboxone vs Methadone

Suboxone and methadone are both use to treat those that have an addiction to opiates. Methadone has been around way longer then suboxone and is most commonly used to treat heroin addicts. Suboxone didn’t come on the scene until the year 2000. Suboxone and methadone pretty much work the same way in that they help reduce the symptoms related to withdrawals.

However, one thing you should know about both medications is that they are extremely addicting. Not sure whey we treat addicts with treatments that addicting but hey, that’s just the way it goes I suppose. Both occupy the receptors in the brain in hopes that they addict won’t craze their usual drug of choice. Those who follow a prescribed regimen of both medications are able to function in everyday life.

The one big difference between the two medications is that most addicts stay on methadone for a very long time. Some actually never get off. They will go to a clinic every day to get their dosage. Suboxone on the other hand is generally only used during the most intense moments of treat. They do it this way to increase the chances that the patient will succeed. It stays in the body longer and therefore is taken less than methadone.

And though Suboxone might be considered the better treatment, it is also the more expensive treatment. Methadone is very inexpensive which is why more people opt to use it. Especially those without insurance or very limited funds. With suboxone, unless you have the means to pay for it, you will need insurance cause it is very expensive.

It is important to know that while both options will help with recovery, they are only a small part of recovery. Breaking free from an addiction to opiates can be a long hard road. It is very devastating and can be difficult to bounce back from. But you can do it. Talk to your doctor about suboxone. Find out if it is a good option for you.

And while taking suboxone is a great way to start down the road to recovery, you must also incorporate things such as support groups counseling. All of these play an important factor in helping you not only get clean, but stay clean. Otherwise, if you just stop taking the opiates and start taking the suboxone, you are not really experiencing totally recovery. You are just switching from one drug to another.

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