Step 2: Identifying Your Beliefs

Step 2 in the 12 step model is “Came to believe a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.” Many people believe that this means only someone who believes in God can benefit from a 12 step program, but this power greater than self can be even a “Group Of Drunks” (God) in the case of alcohol addiction.

All that this step really means is that now that one realizes one is powerless over the addiction that one recognizes that there is a path to sanity, and it involves a power greater than self.  For people who believe in God they will often say God in representation of this power, for those that don’t sometimes they will say the universe or some other power that they feel appropriate in representing.

This step illustrates how important it is to have a support system. Addiction is a serious medical condition and requires a supportive community to break, this is one of the reasons the 12 step program has become the “gold standard” of recovery programs.

A supportive community is one that helps the individual break free of the addiction in a loving and non-judgmental way.  A community of people that have overcome the addiction can be very helpful in helping someone realize that there is hope for them to do it as well.

Seeking the help of others, even if it is not a 12 step program is a sign of health for an individual. Recognition that one is not all-powerful is a very important step to recovery, but equally important is to seek out the resources that can help bring recovery.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction it is important that the health care providers be made aware of the issue so that they can join the support team and/or offer resources, the next step that can be helpful to people is to recommend joining a 12 step program.

A 12 step program does require an individual to work the steps sincerely and to put forth effort into changing their life and often their personality as well.  Some individuals may need more medical supervision before transitioning to a 12 step program or in conjunction with one.  It is really important to make good and safe decisions when dealing with an addiction.

Millions of people defeat addictions every day and there is every reason to expect that if the individual is sincere in desire and puts forth the effort, they too can be one of the millions that successfully beat their addictions.  It doesn’t happen over night and every day is a battle, at least in the beginning, but the reward can greatly outweigh the result of doing nothing but wallowing in an addiction that is destroying lives.

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