Snorting Suboxone

Snorting suboxone is very common among opioid addicts. This is because generally speaking, they are used to snorting pain pills in an effort to get high. So in there brains they associate snorting with getting high. Because of this they pretty much try to snort anything they can to get high. In addicts case, because they are so messed up by their drug abuse, just the act of snorting can give them a high.

With addicts, they usually associate things with getting high. And when they see those things, they can get that feeling of euphoria. And that’s why snorting Suboxone has become so popular. Let me further prove this point. Studies show that when showing just pictures of needles and syringes to addicts, their brain released the chemical dopamine. This shows just how powerful association is.

So I guess the million dollar question is can you actually get high by snorting Suboxone? Well…Yes and no. You see, Suboxone is designed to be placed under the tongue and then dissolve. It is made this way because your mouth has a neutral PH level. It is not as acidic as your stomach or nose. That’s why when being snorted through the nose, you don’t get as much of the medication in your system. You therefore don’t get the high you are looking for.

However, if the person snorting the Suboxone is not used to taking opioids, it is very possible for them to get a high. This is because this is something new to their bodies. As a matter of fact, a person that isn’t used to taking opioids can actually overdose by snorting Suboxone.

What you must understand is that snorting anything that is not suppose to be snorted can be very dangerous. You can damage fragile tissues that are in your nose and nasal passages. This of course can lead to even more problems later on down the road.

Addicts who tend to snort pills on a regular basis can have severe sinus problems. They can also have permanent tissue damage. When it boils down to it, it is not a good idea to snort Suboxone.

Anyone who is, is not a recovering addict. Instead they have just found a way to continue getting high. In other words, they are still an active addict and will need to undergo more extensive treatment to truly gain freedom from their addiction.

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