Do You Need A Recovery Coach?

One of the things that all the 12-steps have in common is the need for a support system and the power of other people in the process of recovery. If you’re not getting that you may want to consider getting a recovery coach to help you through it all.  Recovery coaches are not therapists and don’t focus on how you got where you are or why you got where you are to prevent you from doing it again, they focus on helping you move forward.

Last week I took the opportunity to speak with Mr. Mike Reis of Reis coaching,  Mike decided to become a coach after his own battle with Alcoholism and has also launched a public speaking career as it relates to recovery and how coaching can help.

Mike says, “The goal of recovery is not just to stop engaging in the addiction, the goal is to have a great life after it. I discovered that after I stopped drinking and I was miserable, the only thing that I had changed in my life was that I stopped drinking. It takes more than just stopping to recover. Stopping is the easy part.”

Roughly 28 million people in the U.S. Struggle with some kind of addiction issue and many of them are unaware that a coach can be of assistance to them. People think life coaches are simply babysitters to the rich and famous or they don’t fully understand what the benefits can be of having their own coach.

If you or a loved on are struggling with addiction issues therapy can be helpful and definitely has a place, but consider also coaching. Mike works with those that are in the throws of addiction and want to stop, those that have stopped and just need a little help from a cheerleader who has been there before, and also he works with family members.

Family members and relationships can be impacted in a major way when someone is addicted and Mike gives support to family members who need it as well.  When one is dealing with someone struggling with an addiction people tend to give a lot of opinions as to what “you should” do or what you “need to do” Mike helps people decide for themselves what they “need” or “should” do and then helps them move forward in their plan to do so.

In addition to his coaching practice Mike Reis leads workshops along with son Chris Yes, former NFL player Chris Reis) he leads workshops on how to overcome the devestating effect that addiction has on relationships /life in addition to his coaching practice. To book Mike to speak at your organization or to  see if coaching is right for you please visit his website

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